"I Don't Like Mandating Things, I Don't Like Punishing People For Not Doing Something" (VIDEO)

Dr. Fauci on Tuesday testified before the Senate Committee on Appropriations on Brandon’s 2023 budget request for the National Institutes of Health.

Fauci was asked about Covid-19, Covid vaccines and what lessons he learned from the lockdowns during the pandemic.

“I don’t like mandating things, I don’t like punishing people for not doing something,” Fauci said.


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Here’s Fauci just last month praising Communist China’s COVID pandemic strategy and discussing the reason for lockdowns — to get everyone vaccinated with experimental vaccines.

“You use lockdowns to get people vaccinated so that when you open up you won’t have a surge of infections.”


Fauci is an unelected bureaucrat who isn’t beholden to the American people so he should never have any power anyway.

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