"I Guess I Should've Been at the Beach in Delaware"

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) on Monday hit back at critics who falsely claimed he’s been “missing” the last two weeks during a Covid surge.

Governor DeSantis has been by his lovely wife Casey’s side as she receives treatment for breast cancer.

However, Democrats like AOC and the ghouls in the left-wing media have been attacking DeSantis as ‘absent’ during the Omicron surge (common cold with sniffles).

DeSantis blasted his critics during a press conference on Monday.

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“I guess I should’ve been at the beach in Delaware, right, and then they woulda been really happy with that,” DeSantis said referring to Brandon’s holiday at Rehoboth Beach during the latest Covid surge.

“They’re like, ‘oh my God, he’s on vacation’ and I’m like, you know. I just looked at my wife and said, going to the hospital with you is not a vacation…” he added.


Brandon was frolicking on a Delaware beach during the Omicron surge and the media sycophants praised him.

Democrat Governor Phil Murphy spent 8 days in Costa Rica with his family over the holiday during the latest Covid surge and the media was largely silent.

Murphy’s wife tested positive for Covid after returning from Costa Rica and it’s crickets from the media.

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