Young Father Who Trolled Joe Biden into Saying "Let's Go Brandon!" Posted His Own Video Online Following the Infamous Call (VIDEO)

Jared Schmeck, The Oregon father of four who trolled Brandon into saying “Let’s go, Brandon! I agree,” in a Christmas Eve NORAD phone call for children and families, spoke at the Kari Lake rodeo rally yesterday in Morristown, Arizona, to show his support for Kari Lake for Arizona Governor and encourage fellow patriots to stand up to cancel culture.

Let’s go Brandon” became the famous code for “F*ck Brandon” after a fake news hack attempted damage control during a live hit with NASCAR driver Brandon Brown. The crowd chanted “F*ck Brandon” after Brown won the Xfinity race and during his interview with NBC.

After the fake news moment went viral, Brandon Brown said that he was having difficulty finding sponsors despite the big win last October.

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Even Brandon is saying it!

The Gateway Pundit reported on the legendary phone call where Jared Schmeck brought Brandon to say, “Let’s go, Brandon! I agree.”

‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Dad Talks About Trolling Brandon on Christmas Eve Call as Vengeful Liberals Doxx and Try to Ruin Him

Jared and his family have received death threats, doxing, and harassment for saying something that Brandon himself agreed with.

Brandon came all the way from Oregon to open the rally for Trump-endorsed Arizona Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake.

In an interview yesterday, Schmeck told The Gateway Pundit that the support he has received from Patriots far outweighs the disgusting attacks from leftists. 

Conradson: You’re out here at the Kari Lake rodeo rally. What do you think of Kari Lake? Why why do you support her?

Schmeck: The first time I heard Kari Lake was at the Trump rally in January. And hearing her speak was mind-blowing, just how genuine she is as a person. And the fact that she is very clear to me that she cares about the state and this country, the same way that I do, the same way that all of us do. And those are the types of leaders that we need someone who is not going to back down, someone who was literally fighting for our freedoms. So after I saw her speak, I started following her on social media, paying attention to where she stands on issues that are going on in Arizona. Because issues that happen here affect us all over the country. And so, seeing how greatly she stands up, how can you not stand behind someone like that?

Conradson: Let’s talk about your viral moment? What kind of backlash did you face from the left for literally saying, “Let’s go, Brandon?”

Schmeck: The backlash was probably because of his reply. Because he showed the world how incompetent he is again, and it was what you would always expect. It’s the same thing every single time. In cancel culture, they attack you they smear you, death threats on my life, My son, My children, my wife, and they went after our business. I mean, you name it, and they were doing it, but we didn’t back down. And the support that we have honestly across the world — I was getting support from everywhere — but across this great nation far outweigh the negative, and it smashed that negative stuff right into the dust. It’s gone now.

Conradson: Do you think Brandon actually agreed with you or do you think he didn’t even know where he was?

Schmeck: I think he didn’t know where he was and he probably doesn’t even remember the call.

Leftist media psychopaths have slandered Schmeck an “insurrectionist in training,” and they should be held legally responsible for Schmeck and his family’s harassment.

Nutty MSNBC Host Claims Saying ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ is ‘Slow-Moving Insurrection’

Let’s go, Brandon!

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