"I Think She's a C*nt"

Alyssa Mastromanaco

This should help get Brandon’s SCOTUS nominee confirmed.

Someone should remind Democrats and their mouthpieces that Brandon needs Senator Sinema’s support to confirm his Supreme Court pick.

Barack Obama’s former Deputy Chief of Staff, Alyssa Mastromanaco, lashed out at Sinema during a podcast interview.

Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) nuked Brandon’s agenda earlier this month.

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Sinema delivered a fiery speech from the Senate floor and reiterated her support for the filibuster rule.

Alyssa Mastromanaco called Sinema a “c*nt” for supporting the filibuster and going against Brandon’s agenda.


The Daily Mail reported:

A former senior aide to President Barack Obama condemned Sen. Kyrsten Sinema as ‘a c***’ during a foul-mouthed appearance on a leftwing podcast.

Alyssa Mastromonaco took aim at the Arizona senator for announcing that she could not support a filibuster carve-out in order to pass voting rights legislative – just before President Brandon met with Democrats to make one last appeal for their support.

While Sinema has attracted the anger of Democrats from all parts of the party, no one has gone quite as far as Mastromonaco, 45, who was deputy chief of staff in the Obama White House.

She told the Pod Save America podcast recently that she had ‘real issues’ with Sinema.

‘And I think in her speech, she talks about the disease of division,’ she said

‘Um, also you guys, she gave the speech as Brandon was on her way up to the Hill.

‘So anyway, it’s the s***tiest grossest, like most disrespectful thing she could have done.

‘I think she’s a c***’

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