Illegal Immigrants Get Free Smartphones Paid for by US Taxpayers - Some Do Not Have Court Dates Until 2035 (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

As of today, Friday, the Title 42 border protection order has officially expired, and the United States is preparing for a record-breaking flood of illegal immigrants at the southern border.

On Thursday, independent journalist Tayler Hansen shared a video on Twitter showing illegal aliens using U.S. taxpayer-funded cell phones after they were given court dates.


In 2022, the Brandon regime reportedly issued over 300,000 smartphones to illegal aliens as part of the “Alternatives to Detention Program (ATD).

According to ICE, smartphones cost taxpayers $361,218.08 per day, per ABC News.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) claimed the phones’ facial recognition, GPS tracking, and voice-identifying features are used to keep track of new illegal immigrants while they wait for their court dates.

According to Hansen, some of the illegal immigrants’ court dates reportedly won’t be until 2027.

New York Post reported that some illegal immigrants were given court dates set as late as 2032 and 2035 in Chicago and Florida.

Some illegal immigrants, according to freelance photojournalist Rebecca Brannon, have been handed bus tickets to the state where they have a sponsor or family member currently living.

The Gateway Pundit reported Thursday that a federal judge blocked the Brandon regime from releasing migrants without setting court dates.

This comes after the Brandon regime sent out a lawless memo allowing illegal invaders to run wild inside the country on parole.

Blocking the releases, according to the Brandon regime, would result in “catastrophic” numbers for CBP, with 45,000 migrants in custody by the end of the month.

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