"I'm Sick and Tired of Politicians Standing on Graves of Dead Children in Case of Shootings or Natural Disasters - to Pimp for Their Politics" - Will Cain Wins the Day with Anti-Biden Rant (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Will Cain is a national treasure.
On Sunday morning the FOX and Friends Weekend crew ran a segment on Brandon blubbering about climate change after a hurricane hit Florida, a seasonal event in the Sunshine State since forever.

Will Cain took the opportunity to lambaste Old Joe for using real suffering caused by natural disaster to “ghoul and pimp for their politics.”

Will Cain: Now we can get into the stats. We could actually talk about the effects of natural disasters, their frequency and their severity and actually put it into historical context and give you actual intelligence on whether or not this is an increasing problem in the United States. But that’s not the point that I think it’s important to make in this moment is that I’m sick and tired of politicians standing on the graves of dead children in the case of schoolchildren, school shootings or natural disasters where towns are burnt to the ground or destroyed by hurricane and using it as a moment to ghoul and pimp for their politics.

It’s beyond grotesque to land into a disaster zone where people have been destroyed and to say, you know what should be the solution here? You know what the problem is? You haven’t given me enough power. Your climate science no, your climate change Chicken Little has turned into a religion. It’s not to say there’s not science in some of these elements for us to discuss, but you’ve turned it into a religion. And you are the same people that can’t sound an alarm in Lahaina. And you’re asking us to give you the power and money to turn over to you the global thermostat.

Preach it, Will Cain!

Cohosts Pete Hegseth and Rachel Campos-Duffy applauded when Will was done – as did every FOX News viewer.

What a great world it would be if the FOX and Friends Weekend hosts were on 8 hours a day. They are such a breathe of fresh air on a channel that continues to lose its way.

Via Midnight Rider.

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