Biden Says He’s Willing to Lose His Presidency Over Sticking by His Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal, Says Deaths of US Servicemembers Were Inevitable (VIDEO)

Fourteen Independent voters were gathered for a focus group on Brandon.

The group was made up of people who voted for both Barack Obama and Donald Trump at least once.

When asked if either wanted to see Brandon run again in 2024, none raised their hands.

From Don Surber:

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Patrick Healy: A show of hands — are you confident that President Brandon and the Democrats have a plan to improve the economy, to deal with inflation?

[Nobody raises a hand.]

Patrick Healy: How many of you would like to see Brandon run again in 2024? Show of hands.

[Nobody raises a hand.]

If nobody raises a hand, no one will lift a finger for Brandon. Raising the middle one does not count.

This comes as Brandon’s approval continues to plummet.

A poll from Civiqs found Brandon’s approval only at 34%.

His approval was higher than his disapproval in only four states:


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