In Pre-Recorded Message Tucker Carlson Predicted His Ouster from FOX News (Video) | The Gateway Pundit

In a pre-recorded message Tucker Carlson addressed the CPAC crowd in Hungary on Thursday.

Tucker told the crowd, “If I ever get fired and have some time and can leave, I will be there with you,” he said from behind his FOX News desk.

The video was obviously recorded days earlier the Hungary CPAC convention taking place this week.

Newsmax reported:

Tucker Carlson made a video appearance Thursday at CPAC Hungary, apparently in a message recorded when he was still with Fox News, joking about eventually getting fired.

“I wish I was there in Budapest,” Carlson joked in the video played Thursday, which had his former Fox News program background.

Carlson then got serious in a message that portended his eventual ouster last week.

“If I ever get fired and have some time and can leave, I will be there with you,” Carlson said. “But in the meantime, godspeed. We are thinking of you and cheering you on.”

CPAC is the Conservative Political Action Conference, which is hosting Day 1 in Budapest, the capital of Hungary — a country whose conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is vilified by some for his slow-walking NATO applicants and ties to Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

“Greetings to CPAC Hungary and to all you Americans in the audience, because you are very brave,” Carlson began in the short video message. “You have wound up on one of Samantha Powers’ lists. The State Department is keeping track. You went to a forbidden country.”

In August 2021, Tucker Carlson interviewed Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Thursday, introducing him as the only elected leader in the world who “publicly identifies as a western-style conservative”.

“By rejecting the tenets of Neo-Liberalism, Viktor Orbán has personally offended and enraged” leaders in Washington, Carlson said. “Just a few years ago, his views would have seemed moderate and conventional. He thinks families are more important than banks. He believes countries need borders. For saying these things out loud, Orbán has been vilified. Left-wing NGOs have denounced him as a fascist, a destroyer of democracy.”

Carlson noted that President Brandon called Orbán a “totalitarian dictator”: “Official Washington despises Orbán so throroughly that many, including Neo-Cons in and around the State Department, are backing the open anti-Semites running against him in next April’s elections in Hungary.” (In May, Gateway Pundit was the first outlet in the US to report on the globalist campaign against Orbán.)

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