Irony Alert–Writer at the Popular US Media Outlet Forgets How to Think

The ignorance displayed in the United States under the guise of educated opinion is astonishing. The American Thinker, with no hint of irony, published a piece by Jacob Fraden titled, “What is In Store for Russia?” Fraden is an electronic engineer, inventor, entrepreneur, educator, artist, and writer.  He holds degrees of MSEE and Ph.D. in medical instrumentation. His article is a powerful piece of evidence that a scientist with advanced degrees is capable of writing incredibly stupid nonsense.

Let me give you a few examples of his gross ignorance. Read the whole article for yourself to prove that I am not quoting Herr Doctor out of context:

Instead of the original goal of quickly seizing Ukraine and turning it into a puppet state or a province (the name “Ukraine” is derived from the Russian word for “outskirts”), Russia has suddenly encountered an impenetrable wall of resistance.

Can someone please cough up some coin and get the good Doctor an internet connection? It seems that Russia is steadily advancing in Ukraine and killing scores of Ukrainian troops. I detail these facts in one of my recent pieces, Russia On The Ropes–Part 13; Really? Ukrainian troops pictured in a video in my article tell quite a different story. They are being penetrated and are not particularly pleased.

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At the same time Russia never paid the slightest attention to the development of its internal infrastructure and improving the lives of people.

Really? Take a look at Moscow’s subway and compare it to any subway system in the United States:

Yep, those darned Rooskies are wallowing in filth while New Yorkers travel in high style beneath the streets of Manhattan:

Nothing like a rat on board the train to make your visit to the New York City underground unforgettable.

One could say that Russia has been embedded into the world economy for centuries: it exported raw materials and imported everything else. Today, Russia produces no manufactured goods (except old-fashioned weapons) and is completely dependent on the import of end products.

Dr. Faden claims he visited Russia. Did he have a bag over his head the entire time? Was he locked up in his hotel and prevented from leaving his room? Here are three easily found pictures of products manufactured in Russia (without depending on foreign imports):

Russia’s AvtoVaz
Russian manufactured bus, GAZ
Russian manufactured truck, KAMAZ

We work at the military plants that still produce weapons developed in the 60’s and 70’s of the last century. We know the designs in and out, so we can maintain the production, but there’s nobody to replace us…”

Seems that Fraden’s sources do not get out much. Does this look like last-century technology to you?

Russian Hypersonic missile
Russia’s Kinzhal missile

Faden provides more hilarity with this quote:

Russia has lagged behind other developed countries by at least half a century and there is not the slightest chance of catching up.

Gee, who gave the Russians this rocket? Oh, that’s right. Russia designed and built it.

Soyuz Rocket

The United States, unable to produce a rocket on its own (until South African Elon Musk came to the rescue) relied on Russia until 2020 to haul U.S. astronauts to the International Space Station:

On Thursday, a Soyuz rocket carrying three astronauts to the International Space Station is scheduled to depart from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in the Kazakhstan desert. The coronavirus pandemic means there won’t be the usual crowds of well wishers lining the streets to see the astronauts on their way, but the flight is a historic one. It marks the end of NASA’s dependence on Russian rockets for human spaceflight and the return of crewed launches to the United States. But NASA says American astronauts may still end up hitching rides to space in a Soyuz capsule in the future

I can only surmise that Dr. Fraden is an angry little man incapable of honest, rational thought. Russia may not be a utopia, but it holds fewer political prisoners than the Government of Brandon and is the only country in the world truly self-sufficient when it comes to producing food, fuel and the minerals and metals required to build space age quality technology. If Russia sucks so bad, what does it say about the condition of the United States, which has relied on Russia to get our astronauts into space and has failed to deploy an operational hypersonic missile?

Why on earth would Fraden present as fact an argument so easily disproved? If anyone merits the title of Mr. Delusional, I think he is a guaranteed winner. Perhaps the journal featuring his pathetic piece should consider a new name–The American Propagandist perhaps?

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