Is The West Losing Faith In Zelensky And Ukraine? A Discussion With Judge Napolitano | The Gateway Pundit

Judge Napolitano kindly highlighted my recent piece discussing indications that the United States and NATO are preparing to jettison Ukraine and Volodomyr Zelensky. Here it is:

Brandon and is team of national security hacks continue to double down in public on supporting Ukraine’s fight with Russia, but the Washington leak machine is up and running and the usual suspects in mainstream media outlets — New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal — are putting out more articles describing the failings and shortcomings of the Afghan officials — oops, I mean the Ukrainians. The United States has an established, long track record of dumping troublesome allies when success is no longer on the horizon.

The Brandon Administration and NATO have gone all in on the bet that the Russian political structure is fragile and will crumble with sustained pressure. Boy, has that turned out to be a terrible wager. Andrey Sushentsov, writing for RT, has some valuable insights on this Western fantasy:

The ongoing Western narrative that Russia is constantly on the verge of imminent collapse stems from the persistent perception that the state is vulnerable to internal combustion because of its perceived fragility, vast territory and critical imbalances.

Though the current Ukraine crisis serves as a serious stress test for Russia, in reality, it has already revealed the country’s remarkable adaptability.

Moscow’s current strategic foreign-policy objectives have remained unchanged since they were formulated in November-December 2021. Originally intended to be solved through diplomatic channels, they encompass not only Ukraine but also Russia’s broader relations with the US and the West. An agreement could have been reached through negotiations but, unfortunately, the West did not take this route.

As a result, Russia has resorted to military means to achieve its vital interests.

I recommend the entire article to you.

While Ukraine’s military is struggling to keep its head above water, Russia appears to be growing stronger with each passing month and the United States is flailing about trying to come up with a policy option that does not put NATO in jeopardy. How is NATO at risk? When Russia defeats Ukraine this will also represent the defeat of NATO. Instead of growing more united, NATO is beginning to fragment as the domestic problems in the NATO countries — especially in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Poland — create obstacles to providing further military aid to Kiev. Without the unhindered flow of money and weapons Ukraine cannot remain on the battlefield.

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