"It is One of the Darkest Moments of the Biden Presidency" - CBS Blasts Biden For Shameful Attempt to Rewrite History on Deadly Afghanistan Withdrawal | The Gateway Pundit

CBS’s Margaret Brennan blasted Brandon for his shameful attempt to rewrite history on his deadly Afghanistan withdrawal.

The Brandon National Security Council (NSC) released a shocking report on Holy Thursday blaming President Trump for the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

So Trump is responsible for these 13 dead Americans?

Brandon was “severely constrained” by the decisions of Trump, according to the garbage report.

Even CBS News wasn’t buying this.

“Brandon’s decision to pull the U.S. out of Afghanistan led to the collapse of its government, its military, the death of 13 Americans, and it left tens of thousands of Afghans hoping to escape,” CBS’s Margaret Brennan said.

“It is one of the darkest days of the Brandon presidency to date,” she added.


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