"It's Coming" - Joe Biden Casually Says Russia is Planning a Cyberattack Against the United States (VIDEO)

Brandon on Monday joined the Business Roundtable’s CEO quarterly meeting to discuss the United States’ response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Brandon mumbled through remarks and casually said that Russia is planning a “cyberattack” against the United States.

This is after Brandon gave Putin a list of 16 entities that would cripple the US if they were hit by cyberattacks.

“It’s coming,” Brandon said.

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“Today, my administration is issuing new warnings that based on evolving intelligence, Russia may be planning a cyberattack against us,” he said.


Anne Neuberger, Brandon’s deputy national security adviser for cyber and emerging technology on Monday warned the Russian government was gearing up to attack US infrastructure, however she didn’t offer specifics.

“Today we are reiterating these warnings, and we are doing so based on evolving threat intelligence that the Russian government is exploring options for potential cyberattacks on critical infrastructure in the United States,” Neuberger said.


Thanks to Brandon, Vladimir Putin now has a list of the 16 entities that would cripple the US if they were hit by cyberattacks.

“I talked about the proposition that certain critical infrastructure should be off limits to attack. Period. By cyber or any other means,” Brandon said of his meeting with Putin last June.

“I gave [Putin] a list of…16 specific entities, 16 defined as critical infrastructure under US policy from the energy sector to our water systems,” he added.

God help us.


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