IT’S OFFICIAL! Biden’s Price Hike, Gas Prices Officially Reach $5 Per Gallon Nationwide — Something UNHEARD OF In US History — And Show No Signs Of Easing Up

According to AAA, the average price of a gallon of gas has reached $5 per gallon, the highest national average on record. 

The new record-breaking price is more than double the cost of a gallon when President Brandon took office when gas was just $2.25 per gallon nationwide and is now $1.93 higher than one year ago. Gas jumped more than 60 cents than this time just one month ago. 

According to the most recent report from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics on inflation, the Consumer Price Index, gasoline increased 48.7% over the last year, one of the most significant factors in the nation’s ongoing inflation crisis. 

The previous national record, recorded in 2008, for a gallon of gasoline was $4.67 per gallon, which experts say, adjusted for inflation today, would be the equivalent of $5.30 per gallon. 

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Fuel prices have continued to set record highs throughout the year, and this latest milestone is no different. 

Gas price records set in 2022:

Here is a list of the record gas prices recorded by The Gateway Pundit in just the past month.
There were at least 27 new all-time record highs in the last 30 days!

Tuesday 5/10 … $4.37/gallon (a new all-time high)
Wednesday 5/11 … $4.40/gallon
Thursday 5/12 … $4.41/gallon
Friday 5/13 … $4.44/gallon
Saturday-Sunday 5-14 and 5-15
Monday 5/16 … $4.50/gallon
Tuesday 5/17 … $4.52/gallon
Wednesday 5/18 … $4.56/gallon
Thursday 5-19 … $4.589/gallon
Friday 5-20 … $4.593/gallon
Saturday-Sunday 5–21 and 5-22
Monday 5-23 … $4.596/gallon
Tuesday 5-24 … $4.598/gallon
Wednesday 5-25 … $4.599/gallon
Thursday 5-26 … $4.600/gallon
Saturday 5-28 … $4.601/gallon
Sunday 5-29 … $4.610/gallon
Monday 5-30 … $4.619/ gallon
Tuesday 5-31 … $4.622/gallon
Wednesday 6-1 … $4.671/gallon
Thursday 6-2 … $4.71/gallon
Friday 6-3 …  $4.75/gallon
Saturday 6-4 … $4.81/gallon
Sunday 6-5 … $4.848/gallon
Monday 6-6 … $4.865
Tuesday 6-7 … $4.919/gallon
Wednesday 6-8 … $4.955/gallon
Thursday 6-9 … $4.97/gallon
Friday 6-10 … $4.986/gallon
Saturday 6-11 … $5.00/gallon

This was entirely created by Brandon and Democrats.

And this was intentional.

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They are destroying the country with inflation, record gas prices, insane domestic and foreign policy and open borders.

How much can this country take?

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