Jake Bequette SLAMS RINO Senator John Boozman After His Last Minute Attempt to Smear Bequette's Military Service (VIDEO)

Republican Arkansas Senator John Boozman, who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump, was caught on hidden camera comparing concerns about the legitimacy of the 2020 election to the Democrat’s Russiagate hysteria.

Sen. Boozman also said that he does not believe Trump should run in 2024, previously saying, “I don’t see it happening.”

In the hidden camera footage obtained by the Gateway Pundit, Boozman Says the 2020 election was okay, because Republicans investigated it.

“What are your thoughts on the legitimacy of the 2020 election? Like, is that something that we should continue to talk about or do you think that’s something that…” the woman asks.

Sen. Boozeman responded, “as far as the legitimacy, I believe strongly that once the states certify… you know each state, they act independently once they certify, then it’s over. Okay, unless, you know, something blatant comes up. But we had a situation with a Republican justice department, you know, and the attorney general said, ‘It’s okay. We looked at these things,’ but once you certify them and go forward, then at that point it’s over.”

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We now know that ballot traffickers stole the election from President Donald Trump in every battleground state for Brandon, one the worst candidates in US history.

Now Senator Boozman is sending out flyers smearing his MAGA opponent Jake Bequette.

Jake Bequette is a former NFL player and Army Ranger. He is a staunch Trump supporter and has an amazing talent.

Today, Jake Bequette slammed Boozman and his team for sending out flyers attacking his military service.

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