Trump case assigned to Obama-appointed, J6-hating D.C. judge who worked at the same law firm as Hunter Biden –

Jan. 6 Capitol riot case decision may set new precedent for other cases in positive outcome for North Carolina man

James Little of North Carolina was wrongly sentenced for a misdemeanor offense when he was given prison time for simply walking into the Capitol on the infamous January 6th, 2020, without engaging in any violence whatsoever. A federal appeals court ordered a NEW sentence that could set a positive precedence for many other similar cases where the defendants got serious prison time for simply walking through the building after Capital police opened the doors for them and welcomed them in.

Mr. Little pleaded guilty to simply walking into the building, police escorted, and was given prison time and probation in the first court, but that ruling just got trumped by the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington DC, with a 2-1 opinion (pun intended). The appeals court said imprisonment “may not be imposed as a single sentence” for such a petty offense, and chose different options from the punishment menu. This precedent-setting decision could help many other victims of the Democrat-and-Antifa-staged Capital riot, even though most of those patriots have already served ample time.

The communist Brandon Regime in Washington DC wants to instill fear in all Americans for the next big POTUS election steal

The main goal of keeping the Jan. 6 patriots in prison for at least another 18 months is so the rest of America won’t storm the Capital and the White House after the Democrats steal the 2024 election using tens of millions of falsified ballots and vote-flipping Dominion voting machines. Maybe the Democrats should just go ahead and announce that they’ve already won the 2024 POTUS election and get it over with, since they control all mass media and can simply say anything they want and it’s not to be contested, ever, by anyone that doesn’t want to face prison time.

Though nearly every single Democrat pundit and politician protested and DENIED the 2016 Trump victory for four years straight, screaming “Trump-Russia collusion!” — not a single Democrat has been accused, jailed, or even challenged on this front yet. Now, it’s illegal to even suggest that any election had a single fraudulent ballot, or person pulling suitcases of ballots out from under a desk at the polls after hours after all the conservative poll watchers are kicked out due to ‘quarantine measures.’

Fear is big business, especially when it comes to Democrats stealing elections

Fear is big business, especially when it comes to cheating elections and telling every American that the big steal was the “most secure election in US history,” as every mass media outlet regurgitated repeatedly after child-hair-sniffer Joe got his 80 million CCP-crafted and Dominion-flipping-machine-ensured ballots.

Most likely, none of the other Jan 6’ers will be released from prison before the next big steal, because that would undermine the fear-and-loathing campaign the Democrats are running against all patriots. “The Court must not only punish Little for his conduct but also ensure that he will not engage in similar conduct again during the next election,” proclaims the judge who sentenced Little, one U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth, in his ruling. “Some term of imprisonment may serve sentencing’s retributive goals. But only a longer-term period of probation is adequate to ensure that Little will not become an active participant in another riot,” except what he meant to say was another “staged insurrection by Democrats and the Capital police.”

More than 600 innocent patriots have pleaded guilty to “lesser” charges just to avoid staying in prison for the rest of their lives, just for walking through the Capital peacefully after Capital police welcomed them in – and it’s all on video nonetheless. Keep your truth news in check by adding  to your favorites list and tuning in daily for updates on real news about surviving and thriving, even through the fake upcoming elections.

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