Jen Psaki Again Insists Ukraine Should Not Be Invaded by Unwanted Foreigners -- Forgets About US Southern Border (VIDEO)

Three cheers for Jair Bolsonara in Brazil!
The Brazilian leader told Brandon and the “global community” to pound sand today in their phone call.

Who knows if it was even Brandon on the phone?

Jen Psaki still believes the Ukrainian people deserve a closed border but not Americans.

Jen Psaki: What I would say is the vast majority of the global community is united in their shared view that invading another country, attempting to take some of their land, terrorizing their people, is certainly not aligned with global values. So I think Brazil may be on the other side of where the majority of the global community stands.

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Over 2,000,000 illegal aliens walked across the open US border in Brandon’s first year in office.

We don’t need any lectures from Jen Psaki on border invasions!

Via Midnight Rider.

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