Jill Biden Says Trump Brought 4 Years of Chaos to US, Claims Joe Biden 'Is the Right Person For This Moment in History'

Jill Brandon traveled to Arizona on Monday for a tour of Intel’s Ocotillo Campus.

According to KTAR, Nurse Jill’s visit “helped her learn more about a community college program that will teach students about semiconductors.”

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Jill Brandon lashed out at Trump and Vladimir Putin during her visit to an Intel facility in Chandler, Arizona.

Jill claimed Trump brought four years of chaos to the US and absurdly declared that her husband, a man who should be in a nursing home, is the right person for this moment in history.

The Daily Mail reported:

First Lady Jill Brandon hit both former President Donald Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin as she kicked off a three-day, three state tour Monday, starting in Arizona.

There she toured Intel’s Ocotillo campus and then attended a Democratic National Committee fundraiser, speaking up about how her husband is the right person for the job at this historical moment.

‘It felt like Americans across the country were holding their breath in the aftermath of four years of chaos,’ Brandon said at Intel, as she recalled inauguration day last year.

Looking at the current crisis in Ukraine, she pointed out how President Brandon ‘is the right person for this moment in history.’

‘I want you to know that he is working tirelessly to bring people together, to bring the NATO countries together, so that they can stand up against Putin,’ she said. ‘And one of the reasons you probably all voted for him was his strength, his character – he’s unwavering. And look at his years of experience. He was in his 30s when he went to then the Soviet Union,’ she noted at the fundraiser, being held on tribal lands of the Gila River Indian Community.

Quick recap of the chaos and hell Brandon has brought to the world in just over a year:

  • Botched Afghanistan withdrawal that resulted in 13 dead US servicemembers and many more wounded
  • Russia’s invasion of Ukraine/Putin threatening the West with nukes
  • China preparing to take over Taiwan
  • North Korea firing ballistic missiles toward Japan
  • Record high gas prices due to Brandon’s war on American oil
  • Inflation at a 40-year high
  • Record number of Americans quit the labor force
  • Covid vaccine mandates
  • Open borders

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