"Jill Doesn't Let Me Get Into These Conversations"

Joe and Jill Brandon on Thursday hosted a Cinco de Mayo reception with Beatriz Gutiérrez Mueller de López Obrador, the wife of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Brandon invited the First Lady of Mexico into his office.

“I want to take you in and show you my office too if you’ll come… I’ll show you Franklin Roosevelt,” Brandon said as Jill bristled.

“I’m gonna go walk down and get [the First Lady of Mexico],” Brandon told Jill as he bolted from the podium.

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The loud music made it difficult to hear what Brandon told Beatriz Gutiérrez Mueller de López Obrador but Breitbart White House Correspondent Charlie Spiering was able to hear Brandon’s exchange.

“Jill doesn’t let me get into these conversations,” Brandon said as he greeted the First Lady of Mexico.

What a creep.

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