Jill Grabs Joe Biden, Bosses Him Around after He Whispers in Child's Ear During Visit to Children's Hospital (VIDEO)

This was awkward.

Joe and Jill Brandon visited patients and families at Children’s National Hospital in Washington, DC. on Friday.

Brandon rudely beelined to a young child and began whispering in his ear as the medical director was introducing Jill to a child with cancer.

After Brandon whispered in the boy’s ear, Jill Brandon loudly clapped to get Dementia Joe’s attention.

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Brandon made his way over to Nurse Jill and that’s when she began bossing him around and telling him where to stand.

At first, Jill waved Brandon over and told him where to stand.

Joe still needed help so Jill grabbed his arm and physically moved his body.

Wow. Just wow.


It is getting so bad that even CNN is saying that “Brandon seems confused.”

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