Joe and Hunter Biden Jet-Set to South Carolina For Beach Vacation (VIDEO)

They’re just rubbing it in our faces now.

Hunter Brandon flew to South Carolina on Air Force One after the FBI raided Trump’s Florida residence.

The FBI has been in possession of Hunter Brandon’s ‘laptop from hell‘ for more than two years yet he is still a free man living in a Malibu mansion and jet-setting on Air Force One.

Crackhead Hunter, his wife Melissa Cohen and son Beau joined Joe and Jill Brandon on Air Force One on Wednesday.

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The Brandon Crime family jet-setted to South Carolina for a week-long vacation.

This is after Brandon hid at the White House for two weeks in Covid isolation.

The Bidens will spend a week on Kiawah Island in South Carolina.

The Daily Mail reported:

President Brandon and his family left Washington Wednesday for a week-long vacation on Kiawah Island in South Carolina.

Brandon’s motorcade pulled up to the tarmac at Joint Base Andrews with first lady Jill Brandon, son Hunter Brandon and wife Melissa Cohen, and grandson baby Beau Brandon in tow.

The president was holding his grandson’s hand. Baby Beau waved at the military greeter, as the president saluted – while the first lady helped him up Air Force One’s stairs.

The trip comes after the president tested negative for COVID this past weekend, finally being free of his isolation and reuniting with his wife after spending nearly three weeks apart due to his infection.

Brandon has been cleared to travel by his doctor but is still suffering from a post-COVID cough.

The Bidens have visited the Kiawah several times before – including four times when he was vice president – but this is his first visit since winning the White House.

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