Joe Rogan Points Out How Leftists Completely Flipped Their Narrative on Ukraine (VIDEO)

Joe Rogan pointed out how the left has completely flipped on their narrative about Ukraine in order to attack Russia during his podcast on Monday.

Rogan pointed out how leftist media used to trash Ukraine for their corrupt government, the same one that they are now swooning over and branding as heroes.

“I have this screenshot that someone sent me about the way the people on the left were talking about the Ukraine situation before the war,” Rogan began. “This is one of the things that’s so weird is that they were very disparaging of Ukraine, and they were talking about the massive corruption of Ukraine, and how horrible it was over there.”

“And now, all of a sudden, they’re looking at it like they’re heroes. The same exact people. This is what’s confusing,” Rogan continued.

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Rogan proceeded to read headlines about Ukraine from left-wing media from before the war began. They labeled the war-torn country as “the most corrupt nation in Europe” with an “increasingly corrupt and authoritarian” leader and said that he is seeking to deepen an “alliance with the far-right.”

“We’re supposed to just veer away from the narrative that was being pushed just a couple years ago,” Rogan mused.

Rogan also ranted about the insanity of Facebook opting to allow calls for violence against Russian soldiers and leadership, a policy that they have since overturned. Russia has labeled Meta, Facebook’s parent company, an “extremist organization” over the rule.


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