John Kirby's Response When Asked Why Joe Biden Frequently Makes Up Stories in Desperate Attempt to Feign Empathy is Unbelievable (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

This was unbelievable.

Top Brandon spokesperson John Kirby fielded questions from reporters on Wednesday.

A Washington Times reporter asked Kirby why Brandon lies all the time and tells completely made-up stories in a desperate attempt to feign empathy.

Just this week Brandon lied about being at Ground Zero the day after the September 11 terror attacks. Brandon was in DC on September 12, 2001. All he does is lie and John Kirby lied as he defended Brandon’s lies.

“In the past couple weeks, the President has lied about being at Ground Zero the day after the September 11 attacks, falsely claimed he saw the Pittsburgh bridge collapse, claimed his grandfather died in the hospital days before his birthday? What is going on with the President? Is he just believing things that didn’t happen did happen? Or is he just rambling, making stuff up,” Washington Times reporter Jeff Mordock asked Kirby.

Kirby froze as he quickly thought of a lie.

“The President was deeply touched and honored to be able to spend 9/11 with military members there in Alaska and some families and was honored by their presence and the chance to make an important set of remarks about why we need to continue to remember that day. And he did that. And he spoke about a visit to Ground Zero, he did participate in, a week or so after the — the event. And what that looked and what that smelled and what that felt like and it had a visceral impact on him as it did so many other Americans on that terrible day and he’s focused on making sure an attack like that never happens again, why we have proved over the horizon terrorism capability and we’ll continue to hold terrorist networks accountable and it’s why he spent so much time last week shoring up our national security interests in a vital part of the world on issues that aren’t necessarily tied to terrorism but very much tied to our ability to secure peace and prosperity there and around the world,” Kirby said.


The Washinton Times reporter pushed back on Kirby after he skirted around the question.

“He’s had a string of saying that things happened didn’t. Things that are easily debunked. Why does he keep doing that?” the reporter asked Kirby.

Kirby once again refused to answer the question: “The president was grateful to spend that time with those family members and those troops.”


Videos and partial transcription courtesy of NewsBusters

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