8 Trump Electors Given Immunity in Georgia Investigation in Exchange For Testimony | The Gateway Pundit

This is Brandon’s 2024 campaign since his administration is one big failure.

President Trump’s arraignment for the Georgia RICO case is set for September 6.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee allowed cameras in the courtroom for Trump’s arraignment in Fulton County.

WSB-TV, WAGA TV, WANF TV and WXIA TV will be in the courtroom with cameras.

Trump’s arraignment will be broadcast on live television.

Trump and 18 other defendants will appear at the Fulton County courthouse on Wednesday, September 6 to be arraigned on RICO and conspiracy charges.

President Trump will be arraigned at 9:30 am, Rudy Giuliani’s arraignment will take place at 9:45 am, and the other 17 defendants will be arraigned at 10 am, according to a court docket.

President Trump and 18 other defendants were indicted on RICO and conspiracy charges for daring to challenge the overt election fraud that took place in Georgia in 2020.

Trump checked himself in at the Fulton County jail last week. Fulton County officials later released his mugshot.

The mugshot only boosted Trump’s popularity.

Brandon’s DOJ and Marxist DAs are working overtime to put Trump in prison in the middle of a general election and meanwhile Kevin McCarthy can’t even commit to an impeachment inquiry against Brandon.

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