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According to Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta, there is no such thing as a crisis pregnancy.

The Brandon appointee, who holds the third-ranking seat at the Department of Justice (DoJ), has repeatedly called crisis pregnancy centers “fake clinics,” using the same rhetoric that the corporate-controlled media often spouts of independent media and “fake news.”

In a 2020 letter urging senators to vote against a judicial nominee of then-President Donald Trump, Gupta used the “fake clinics” rhetoric, which not long after led to what would become a rash of fire-bombings and attacks against said clinics.

Gupta’s dismissive language, in other words, legitimized the idea that these “fake clinics” deserve to be destroyed, which is exactly what the domestic terrorist group Jane’s Revenge has been doing over the past several months.

It turns out that Jane’s Revenge has also called crisis pregnancy centers “fake clinics,” which begs the question: Is Gupta a member of this domestic terrorist group? (Related: Remember when Brandon himself openly admitted that abortion involves the death of a “child?”)

Gupta is supposed to be prosecuting crimes against crisis pregnancy centers – but is she?

Amazingly, the Brandon regime has taken no responsibility whatsoever for Gupta’s rhetoric and the spate of domestic terrorism that it caused – even as it accuses Republicans of using rhetoric that supposedly leads to violence.

The Florida bill that was passed to stop “teachers,” aka groomers, from sexualizing their students into the Cult of LGBT has been called a threat by the White House because it supposedly “encourages bullying and threatens students’ mental health, physical safety, and well-being.”


A mass shooting that occurred in Buffalo, N.Y., was also said by numerous Democrats to be the result of conservative support for the Second Amendment, also known as the right to bear arms.

Getting back to Gupta, she was recently appointed to lead the DoJ’s reproductive rights task force, which gives her “fake clinics” rhetoric even greater weight in the national conversation concerning abortion.

She also supervises the DoJ’s civil rights division, which is supposed to prosecute attacks against reproductive health facilities – including crisis pregnancy centers.

Given Gupta’s position on crisis pregnancy centers, it is safe to assume that she is reluctant to prosecute Jane’s Revenge or any other domestic terrorist group that targets “fake clinics,” as she continues to call them.

If they are fake, in her mind, then attacks against them are negligible. This is the current state of “justice” in America today.

Earlier this month, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) introduced a bill to expand criminal penalties for attacks on crisis pregnancy centers. He says that Gupta’s “fake clinics” rhetoric is “no surprise” given the DoJ’s history of “disregard” for assaults on pro-life organizations.

“It’s shameful that Brandon’s Department of Justice – responsible for enforcing our laws – is ignoring the epidemic of violent attacks against organizations that are just trying to provide health care to women in need,” Hawley told the Washington Free Beacon.

Gupta and other pro-abortion extremists within the DoJ sure are taking violence against Planned Parenthood seriously, though. She and other DoJ leaders recently met with pro-abortion groups to discuss the task force’s work, which specifically caters to pro-abortion causes.

“The Justice Department does not appear to have met with pro-life groups that have sought meetings with the agency over the firebombing,” notes the Beacon.

In a statement, CatholicVote president Brian Burch condemned Gupta for disregarding crisis pregnancy centers and shifting her attention strictly towards pro-abortion causes.

“Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta’s attacks on pregnancy resource centers which help pregnant women in need are shameful and utterly irresponsible,” Burch said.

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