On Saturday Biden Told Kamala "I Love You" and She Responded "I Do"

Just when you think the bar can’t be set any lower for the embarrassing Brandon regime, Vice President Kamala Harris pops up and says ‘hold my beer.’

This week, Brandon’s second in command was sent to Eastern Europe to show that the US is taking the situation in Ukraine seriously.

Unfortunately for Kamala, the trip was an unmitigated disaster, and she made herself look so bad that Ukraine’s former press secretary bluntly stated that “it would be a tragedy” if Harris were to ascend to the presidency.

Former Press Secretary to Ukrainian President Says “It Would Be a Tragedy” If Kamala Harris Becomes President

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If her job was to further humiliate the US on the world stage, then mission accomplished.

Now that she is back stateside, the trainwreck that is Kamala Harris in front of a camera predictably continued.

Thinking that Ukraine has already joined NATO, Harris spoke at the Democratic National Convention General Session on Saturday and pledged US support to defend the country’s membership in the alliance.

From Harris:

So, I will say what I know we all say and I will say over and over again, the United States stands firmly with the Ukrainian people in defense of the NATO Alliance.”

Apparently, she has no clue what’s going on even though she just took a trip to the conflict zone and met with the officials involved. On top of that, the West’s push for Ukraine to join NATO was the catalyst for Putin’s invasion, so, her not knowing the situation is even more inexcusable.

Why do they still put this woman on the podium? It’s just getting cruel at this point.

Take a look:


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