Kamala Harris Holds Presser to Celebrate Arrival of Baby Formula from Overseas

Kamala Harris was present to welcome baby formula to the United States.  This is how far down the Brandon Administration has taken the USA. 

This is absolutely pathetic.  As TGP reported previously, the Brandon Administration’s FDA created the baby formula shortage when a major baby formula plant was shut down by the FDA in Michigan months ago.

Baby Formula Maker Abbott Reaches Deal with FDA to Reopen Michigan Plant – Could Take Two Months Before Product is Available on Shelves

Now after months of shortages, the Brandon Administration reports that they have secured baby formula coming into the United States.  Kamala Harris celebrated this event this morning.

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Kamala Harris greeted a new shipment of baby formula brought from overseas this week to try and ease the crippling shortage.

The vice president and second gentleman, Doug Emhoff, met with aviation workers helping with the formula delivery at Dulles Airport outside Washington, D.C. on Friday.

Harris announced that by Father’s Day, 13 million eight-ounce bottles will have been brought in by the administration through its ‘Operation Fly Formula’ airlift.

Kamala’s office in the White House shared the momentous event.

United Airlines bragged about the shipment of formula and shared pictures of Harris.

Kamala says there is more work to do. No kidding.

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