Karine Jean-Pierre Laughs When Reporter Asks Why the Public Hasn't Seen Joe Biden in Days (VIDEO)

80-year-old Brandon has been hiding from the public for days.

Brandon’s public schedule has been empty for the last two days – nothing for Tuesday or Wednesday.

A reporter asked Karine Jean-Pierre what the hell Brandon has been doing the last two days.

“This is the second day in a row where the president hasn’t had any public events on his schedule. What’s he up to?” a reporter asked KJP.

Karine Jean-Pierre laughed and said Brandon, who has spent 40% of his presidency on vacation, is “always working.”

No serious person believes this.

According to Brandon’s public schedule, he started his day at 10:15 am with a ‘daily briefing’ and went back into hiding.

Imagine the headlines if Trump disappeared for two days and only had a ‘presidential briefing’ at 10:15 am.


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