Karine Jean-Pierre Says It's "Entirely Normal" For Joe Biden to Have Notecard with Reporter's Question Written On It (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Thursday was asked about Brandon’s cheat sheet with a reporter’s question written on it during Wednesday’s presser.

Brandon on Wednesday held a joint press conference with South Korean President Yoon in the Rose Garden.

Brandon took questions from a list of pre-approved reporters.

Brandon used a cheat sheet to get through the questions.

Brandon had advance knowledge of a Los Angeles Times reporter’s question.

A photo of his cheat sheet reveals he needed help pronouncing the reporter’s last name.

Brandon’s cheat sheet had the reporter’s question written on it in bold type.

“How are YOU squaring YOUR domestic priorities — like reshoring semiconductors manufacturing — with alliance-based foreign policy?” a question from Los Angeles Times reporter Courtney Subramanian read.

The Los Angeles Times denied giving Brandon the question in advance.

A White House reporter asked Karine Jean-Pierre to explain why Brandon needed a cheat sheet.

KJP said it’s “entirely normal” for Brandon to have a notecard with a reporters’ questions written on it during his press conferences.

This is not normal.

President Trump was never given reporters’ questions in advance.


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