Kash Patel Hopes to See New Durham Indictments in April or May

Kash Patel released a statement Friday on Truth Social where he blasts to corrupt Deep State for not keeping his name redacted in the Affidavit used to raid President Trump’s home.  He also shared some other insightful information. 

Patel wrote at Truth Social that he was basically viciously attacked by the Deep State again by them not redacting his name from the warrant used to raid the President’s home.  Then Patel shared this:

…This cartel of corruption inside our government is so devoid of concern about national security, they could not be bothered to see the judge in person.  Instead, they literally called in the raid on the home of a former President via the FBI’s best friend, Zuckerberg’s WhatsApp.

This isn’t the first time that we heard that the warrant to raid the President’s home with gun-toting FBI agents was attested to over a WhatsApp call.  Far-left Law and Crime reported that the warrant was attested to over WhatsApp.

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The cover sheet was “[a]ttested to” by an FBI special agent “by Phone (WhatsApp),” the form reveals. Indeed, the form is titled as an “application for a warrant by telephone or other reliable electronic means.”

The criminal cover sheet document indicates, in the usual perfunctory fashion, that no other relevant matters are proceeding before other magistrate judges in other sections of the same federal district where the Mar-a-Lago-related proceeding is ongoing. Warrant applications routinely include such attestations to flag the judiciary if prosecutors are seeking search warrants from multiple magistrates.

What we didn’t know is that the FBI uses WhatsApp as their “best friend”.  WhatsApp is owned by Facebook.  What does Patel know about WhatsApp’s use by the FBI?

It appears the FBI uses WhatsApp to hold conversations that they can hide.  Are there any other reasons for using WhatsApp?

Below is Kash Patel’s Truth.


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