Kentucky Governor Beshear Leans Away as Maskless Joe Biden Repeatedly Coughs into His Hand (VIDEO)

Brandon headed to Lexington, Kentucky fresh out of Covid isolation to survey damage from the recent floods.

Brandon was isolated for nearly two weeks straight at the White House because of his back-to-back Covid infections.

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79-year-old Joe finally left isolation on Sunday after testing negative for Covid two days in a row.

This is the second time Brandon has traveled to Kentucky in recent months.

Last time Brandon traveled to Kentucky he was getting touchy-feely with young girls and boys.

Apparently Brandon still has a cough.

Brandon received a briefing on the response efforts to the flooding in Kentucky.

A maskless Brandon repeatedly coughed into his hand as he sat next to Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear (D).

Beshear leaned away from Brandon as he hacked into his hand.



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