Kevin McCarthy Still Talking About "Following the Investigation"... Won't Force Impeachment (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

The only words we want to hear coming from Kevin McCarthy’s mouth are “impeachment inquiry.”

Speaker Kevin McCarthy joined Sean Hannity on FOX News on Monday night to discuss the ongoing investigations into the Brandon crime family.

McCarthy still will not commit to impeachment. He is too weak. It doesn’t matter that the Marxist horde is destroying our laws, culture, economy, borders and way of life. McCarthy is too weak.

On Monday night Kevin McCarthy cracked a good joke about Brandon. But he won’t impeach.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy: I don’t know of any other family that puts together in government 20 shell companies while you’re the Vice President of America. My family has no shell companies. I don’t know of any other business in America that puts shell companies what do you produce? You don’t produce any products.

And if you’re an expert when it comes to foreign policy, why isn’t it Italy or the UK or France hiring you? Why is it just Ukraine, Russia, China, Romania?

And why is then, at the time, advocating and putting your family members on boards that you want action in? Why are you providing these families Porsches? Why are you saying you have no saying in this business? But now we find, lo and behold, you’ve gone to dinners, and after those dinners, $3.5 million flows. Why do you say you have no money from China came but now we proved it. I think there’s enough proof out there that this Brandon family needs to come forward and show there wasn’t a pay to play. America deserves more and Americans want to know. And the one thing I will tell you is, as this Congress, the People’s Congress, we will follow the facts and provide it to the American public, just like the Constitution tells us to do.

McCarthy is so weak.

biden will be gone before they impeach. And Trump will have 5,000 years in prison.

These Republicans are the worst.

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