Biden Frightened of Putin - Trying to Save Face Before Much Anticipated Video Call Tomorrow

Brandon is a total embarrassment. It’s no secret that this guy is not fit to be the leader of the free world.

After bungling his way into another massive crisis, this time with the implications of nuclear war, Brandon is continuing to tarnish the standing of America as he makes himself look like an idiot on the world stage once again.

Even Ukrainian President Volodomir Zelensky has blamed Brandon for being the catalyst for Putin’s decision to launch his attack.

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Earlier this week, Brandon labeled Putin a “war criminal” and a “murderous dictator” because of his attack on Ukraine, which is completely valid. However, even though his assessment of the Russian President may be accurate, Brandon has completely neutered himself of all credibility in the short time he has been in office, so the words essentially ring hollow – especially since he has turned a blind eye from another ‘murderous dictator,’ China’s Xi Jinping.

Not to even mention the whole Ukraine-Brandon Crime Family affair that has been going on since Brandon was Obama’s Vice President.

Once you add in his rapid and catastrophic mental decline, you end up with no one, especially not the leaders of nuclear superpowers, who will take this clown seriously.

On Friday, the Kremlin issued a statement in response to Brandon’s comments, saying that his words amount to “personal insults” against Putin that were fueled by irritation, fatigue, and forgetfulness.

From the Kremlin, Via Reuters:

“We hear and see statements that are actually personal insults to President Putin,” Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

“Given such irritability from Mr Brandon, his fatigue and sometimes forgetfulness…fatigue that leads to aggressive statements, we will not make harsh assessments, so as not to cause more aggression.”

In other words, old man Brandon flies off the handle and throws temper tantrums because of his incompetence – OUCH.

Something Americans have seen more frequently – Brandon has been snapping at reporters nearly every time he takes the podium as of late.

In just over a year in office, Brandon has overseen (and helped create) crisis after crisis on the world stage – and looked like a fool the whole time while doing it. Now, he is going toe to toe with a nuclear superpower with absolutely no ground to stand on. Only time will tell how this all shakes out, but considering Brandon’s track record, the Ukraine conflict will likely bring untold ramifications for years to come.

Keep in mind, Trump was impeached for much – much – less – and twice, for that matter.

However, Kamala Harris is the one waiting in the wings, and she, inexplicably, may even be worse. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Even the Ukrainians think it would be a “tragedy” if Harris became President.

Former Press Secretary to Ukrainian President Says “It Would Be a Tragedy” If Kamala Harris Becomes President

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