Larry Kudlow Goes There: Releases Timeline of Biden's DOJ Charging Trump Immediately After Joe Biden Is Caught in Nefarious, Criminal Acts (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

This is textbook smash-mouth Marxism.

Once again, President Trump was indicted on Tuesday – the DAY AFTER Hunter Brandon’s best friend and business associate Devon Archer testified that the Brandon was included on 20 calls when his son was sitting with foreign officials arranging influence peddling deals for the family.

Archer also testified that Brandon met with Russia’s Yelena Baturina who invested $40 million into Hunter Brandon’s real estate ventures. And she also paid Hunter Brandon $3.5 million in consulting fees. Brandon later excluded Baturina from his Russian sanctions list.

So what happened next? President Trump was indicted again today by corrupt Special Counsel Jack Smith.

For those paying attention this is not the first time this has happened. There have been at least six times now where new evidence was released implicating the Brandon Crime Family and then President Trump is indicted by the Brandon regime the next day.

This is not by accident. Democrats and the Brandon Regime are making a mockery of our Justice System. They are intentionally destroying America, our laws, our borders, our reputation, our dollar, our middle class and our culture.

Larry Kudlow laid out this timeline today on his show after news broke that Trump would be indicted today.

Larry Kudlow: One reason that this is coming out today is because former Hunter Brandon best friend forever, Devin Archer, did his deposition yesterday and talked about the Hunter family brand, which is an influence peddling brand. Just hang on a second.

They do this every time something bad happens.

They come up with another indictment. March 16, Jamie Comer reveals biden’s family payments. Then a few weeks later, April 4, Trump’s New York criminal indictment. That was the Alvin Bragg fiasco. Then later in the spring, June, 8th Republican views Brandon’s bribery 1023 form. Okay, the GOP unleashed that the next day. On the 9th, we had Trump’s classified documents indictment about Mar-a-lago in the summertime. Just a few days ago, July 26, we get the Hunter plea deal blows up in Wilmington, Delaware. And guess what? All of a sudden, Trump has to face additional charges from Jack Smith about covering up tapes and having the maintenance guy. I mean, come on.

Yesterday’s deposition was very devastating for the Bidens. So today, all of a sudden, lo and behold, they’re going to come up with some make-up indictment for January 6 that will hold absolutely no legal water.

Via Kudlow.

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