Laura Logan Sheds Light on Ukraine and Its History with Globalists (VIDEO)

Lara Logan was on with Cowboy logic and dropped some bombs on Ukraine in her assessment of all that was going on there. 

The Conservative Treehouse brought this video to our attention.

Lara Logan is not the type of journalist who will pull punches when she shares insight and information.  Logan cuts to the chase and avoids pretending the issues are something other than what reality exists.

In this short interview segment, Lara Logan outlines her brutally honest perspective on why Ukraine is ultimately so important to people in power within the DC system. {Direct Rumble Link Here 

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Logan shares on Cowboy Logic the following:

I encourage everybody to look at the work of a journalist, an American journalist in Ukraine who has been there for years and years and years and has done extraordinary work trying to uncover how Ukraine is at the center of  this cult of globalists.  How it is a center of money laundering for the oligarchs and their allies in the United States.  How it is at the center of Russia collusion and the whole false narrative.  How it was amazingly a Ukrainian dossier, right, that put Paul Manafort behind bars…

Watch the entire short clip below.

We’ve been reporting for years that some key US politicians were all making money in Ukraine.

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