Leftist Gen-Z Mouthpiece Is Called Out by Twitter Notes for Being Bought and Paid For Democrat Hack | The Gateway Pundit

Gen-Z hack Chris Mowry published an excited rant on Twitter extolling the joys of Bidenomics.

Chris cheered Brandon for bringing down inflation, a lie, creating millions of jobs (another inflated number by the regime), and for investing in green energy which destroyed our energy sector and caused energy prices to skyrocket.

This child actually believes cutting off energy production is good for society. The brainwashing is working.

Americans aren’t fooled by Bidenomics. Nor are they fooled by Chris Mowry.

Twitter-X notes slapped a clarifying comment at the bottom of his tweet.

Readers added context they thought people might want to know

Mowry is being paid by Democrats to plug Brandon.
What a loser.

And why is he sitting on the right side of the car driving? Is he in England?
Must be nice.

Via Catturd2.

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