Image: JD Rucker: Leftists and RINOs won’t survive economic collapse

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Independent journalist JD Rucker warned that the leftists’ unpreparedness will make them incapable of surviving a full-blown economic collapse. He also told the RINOs, or Republicans in name only, to stop their hypocrisy as they won’t survive, as well.

Rucker, the NOQ Report editor-in-chief, believes that the dollar would blow up and it would be devalued very quickly.

“It comes down to having the right mindset in the economic collapse and surviving it. It’s not always about if you’re rich or poor, or whatever. You need to be able to be prepared and even those who aren’t rich,” he said during the recent “JD Rucker Show” podcast.

He cited an article on titled “Leftists Aren’t Capable Of Surviving Economic Collapse – Here’s Why.” According to Brandon Smith, the author of the write-up, younger people have adopted more liberal views for decades, but the political left is not liberal today.

“The political left is not liberal today. The leftists of today are full-bore Marxists, both economically and culturally. They support establishment centralization, they support economic centralization, they support corporate centralization, they support authoritarianism and censorship, they support moral relativism and they applaud the concept of an all-pervasive welfare state,” Smith wrote. (Related: Scott Lively tells Dr. Alan Keyes: America’s leaders are Marxists, US now a Marxist totalitarian state – Brighteon.TV.)

Rucker agreed, pointing out that today’s Democrats have been brainwashed, or at the very least indoctrinated into accepting this frailty. “This weakness that they want to be imposed on the world, it’s as if they’re taking the worst components of their minds and their bodies and projecting these onto everybody else. They don’t want to lift anybody up, they want to bring everybody else down,” he said.


Leftists spread fear but hate prepping

Back to the article, Rucker read the reasons why Smith thinks leftists are going to fail should the economy continue to crash. One is that they have a tendency to exploit crisis and tragedy to shore up power and expand their numbers through fear.

“They do love and thrive on crisis. They need things to be horrible. That’s where they get to shine. They get to blame others,” the host said, citing how the Democrats blamed former President Donald Trump for the ongoing border crisis.

Another reason, according to the article is that leftists are anti-preparedness as they have spent the better part of the past 15 years demonizing the concept of preparedness as a tinfoil hat philosophy for right-wing extremists.

“They have set themselves up for complete failure by refusing to acknowledge the practicality of prepping, just so they can attack their political opponents. The stupidity of it is truly mind-boggling,” Rucker read on and advised his listeners to start stockpiling now.

“Fill up your cupboards, store away some water, get your ammunition, make sure you got firearms. Make sure you got your meds and get prepared,” he said.

According to the article, the leftists have an aversion to hardship, they have no practical skill sets, they rely on the government to fix their problems and they value feelings over reason.

Check out for more stories about how the Left would fare when SHTF.

Watch the full episode of the “JD Rucker Show” that discusses how the Left would not be able to survive an economic collapse.

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