Lefty Reporters Lob Softball Questions at Biden Before He Shuffles to Air Force One En Route to Ireland (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Brandon on Tuesday stopped to talk with reporters before he boarded Air Force One en route to Ireland.

Brandon is traveling to Belfast, Ireland to ‘celebrate 25 years of peace.’

Brandon’s son Hunter and grifting sister, Valerie, are also traveling to Belfast, Ireland on taxpayer dime.

Lefty reporters lobbed softball questions at Brandon before he shuffled to Air Force One.

  • Not one question about Brandon’s stolen classified documents scandal.
  • Not one question about the Oversight Committee’s investigation into his crackhead son, Hunter (even though Hunter was on the tarmac with Brandon).
  • Not one question about the classified documents leak.
  • Not one question about the persistent inflation, banking crisis and real estate slump.
  • Not one question about Brandon’s abysmal poll numbers.
  • Not one question about his minions criminally charging his likely 2024 political opponent.

One reporter jovially asked Brandon if any of his family members will be traveling with him.

Notice Brandon’s gait as he walks over to Air Force One.


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