LIBERAL MEDIA FREAKOUT After President Trump Shares Lara Logan Tweet on "Enemy from Within" Pushing US to Civil War

Leftists and Communists riot in Portland in 2020.

America under Brandon:
** Wide open borders — 2 million illegal immigrants flooding the country in one year — more this year.
** Surrender in Afghanistan, abandoning essential base, arming Taliban with $80 billion in US weaponry, dead soldiers in retreat
** Shutting down energy sector – failure to approve any new drilling projects
** Record spending, record inflation nearing 10% annually
** Highest gas prices in history – new records every day now!
** Destruction of First Amendment led by Big Tech and deep state
** Corrupt media gaslighting public
** Total destruction of working class
** Politicized and Broken Justice Department
** Political prisoners

In March the President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele posted a stunning remark on Twitter.

Bukele pointed out the elephant in the room — Brandon and his handlers are destroying America and it is likely on purpose.

Over the weekend, Lara Logan re-truthed President Bukele’s tweet.

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And Trump Truth user added: Civil War.

President Trump re-truthed the statements today and now the fake news media is hysterical.

Eric Swalwell is upset.

The Daily Mail reported.

Just sit and watch. Democrats and the fake news will obsess over this statement and likely misrepresent it for the rest of today rather than focusing on the historic destruction of our country under Brandon.

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