Image: REPORT: LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman visited billionaire Epstein’s PERV ISLAND knowing all about the convicted sex offender and underage prostitute manipulator

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Venture capitalist Reid Hoffman did not pass on the opportunity to visit Pedo island and bump shoulders with a billionaire and known sex offender, according to a new report. Reid, the co-founder of LinkedIn, also had plans to stay at Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan playhouse. Epstein was known to harbor underage girls that had been manipulated and drugged into being prostitutes, but other rich white men just couldn’t seem to resist visiting the perverted scenes in order to do “business” and move money around.

Hoffman and Epstein were supposedly helping raise funds for MIT, according to documents, but was that all there was to the get togethers? Hoffman was said to only have visited Epstein’s perverted Little St. James island getaway once, so maybe after seeing a tranny-style portrait of Bill Clinton, he had seen enough.

Reid Hoffman’s net worth hovers around $2 billion, so he was labeled an “approved donor target” for MIT in accordance with the university’s “rules and regulations.” Once the media found out about Hoffman’s clandestine meeting with Epstein, he apologized for it, saying it was due to poor personal judgment (per his email in the NY Post).

Whatever acts Reid engaged in at Perv Island, only he and Epstein probably know, and Epstein took those memories with him to his early grave. Venture capitalism takes on a whole new meaning when billionaires collaborate with the likes of Jeffrey Epstein at his secluded island resort. One can only imagine what Epstein served at his breakfast “buffets.” Underage girls recruited by Ghislaine Maxwell and put to work at Epstein’s island were said to give massages that went above and beyond simple “therapy.”


In 2008, Epstein was convicted for procuring a child for prostitution, so nobody who collaborated with him could play dumb and say they weren’t aware of his inexcusable acts of cruelty and perversion. Hoffman, the co-founder of the employment-oriented social media platform LinkedIn, says he regrets having ever met with Epstein, but is that true, having already known what Epstein was engaged in?

Hoffman claims he was “forced” to meet with Epstein, after a former official of MIT backed the financier. Great cover story. So does that mean Hoffman was cuffed and dragged to child-prostitute-island against his will? How on earth did Epstein ever clear MIT’s vetting process?

How many times did Hoffman and Epstein get together, besides the incidents the media knows about?

So there was “one” visit for Reid Hoffman to Pedo Island and one dinner at Epstein’s Manhattan penthouse, but that’s just what got exposed by the media. The flight log for the private jet “Lolita Express” shows other rich men, like Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew, visiting Pedo Island more than just once, or even a few times, so maybe the whole truth will come out later about Reid Hoffman. “Still, by agreeing to participate in any fundraising activity where Epstein was present, I helped to repair his reputation and perpetuate injustice,” Hoffman wrote in emails… “For this, I am deeply regretful.”

It’s quite the shame how many scandals these rich men get away with and still go about conducting business as usual afterwards, like Hunter Brandon and his demented father. Touching underage girls inappropriately (including groping them and sniffing their hair) seems to be customary for rich politicians and figureheads in America, and the mass media and perverted Leftist globalists push for more of it. It’s all part of the communist overhaul of America. Tune your scamdemic frequency to for truth news that’s being censored from the rest of media as you read this.

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