Liz Cheney Plays Recording of Trump Advisor Claiming Rudy Giuliani Was Drunk on Election Night (VIDEO)

The January 6 Maoist show trials continued on Monday with Liz Cheney at the helm.

The Brandon Regime is desperate to distract from record high gas prices, baby formula shortage, high inflation rates and news about the DOW Jones.

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Cheney played a recorded testimony from Trump advisor Jason Miller wherein he told January 6 investigators that Rudy Giuliani was inebriated on election night.

“You will also hear testimony President Trump rejected the advice of his campaign experts on election night, and instead followed the course recommended by an apparently inebriated Rudy Giuliani, to just claim he won,” Cheney said.


“Was there anyone in that conversation who in your observation had had too much to drink?” a J-6 panel investigator asked Jason Miller.

“Mayor Giuliani,” Miller replied.

“Tell me more about that. What was your observation about his potential intoxication during that discussion about what the president should say when he addressed the nation on election night,” the investigator said pressing Miller.

“The mayor was definitely intoxicated but I do not know that his level of intoxication when he spoke with the president, for example,” replied Miller.

“There were suggestions by, I believe it was Mayor Giuliani, to go and declare victory and say that we won it outright,” Miller said.



President Trump ahead of Brandon by millions of votes when he declared victory very late on election night.

The Democrat machine however, refused to concede and continued to count votes for Brandon several days after Election Day in secret.

GOP observers were banned from election tabulation centers while Democrat operatives produced millions of post-Election Day ballots for Brandon.

But according to Liz Cheney it is a crime to question the 2020 election.

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