Image: Local bakery’s notice about cost of raw materials for bread reveals full extent of FOOD INFLATION in America

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A notice posted by a local bakery about the rising costs of raw materials for its products served as a wake-up call to the worsening food inflation in America.

The bakery, whose location remains unknown, posted the notice written on a whiteboard to explain why it was increasing the prices of its products. One user who visited the bakery saw the notice, took a picture of it and posted it on social media where it went viral.

It outlined the prices of different bread ingredients from January 2021, January 2022 and July 2022. Here are some of the ingredients touched on by the notice:

  • Bread flour prices began at $12.19 in January 2021. It increased to $19.97 a year later, reaching $28.88 by July 2022.
  • The price of all-purpose shortening was at $41.40 in January 2021 and moved to $71.24 a year later. By July 2022, its price had doubled to $87.39.
  • Cake flour was at $15.13 when Brandon started off his term. A year later, it rose to $19.06 and reached $26.28 by July 2022.
  • Fresh yeast cost $45 at the start of Brandon’s presidency. It climbed to $51.83 in January 2022, eventually hitting $63.66 by July.
  • Back in January 2021, granulated sugar cost $25.69. Its price rose to $26.32 the following year and, as of July, costs $34.59.
  • Rainbow sprinkles for cupcakes were priced at $56.41 when Brandon began his term. A year later, they were priced at $80.53 and eventually rose to $86.94 by July.

The Wall Street Silver account, one of many who reposted the image, commented on the image. “Inflation causing higher prices at the local bakery, explaining all of the price changes for [its] ingredients,” the account tweeted.


Writing for Red State, Nick Arama also put in his two cents on the matter.

“As many pointed out, these prices are not just up 8.3 percent – the last inflation number announced,” he wrote. “In some cases, they’re paying more than double what they were paying before Brandon came in.”

“If you look at it, and you realize that inflation is continuing to rise, you know that this is not a sustainable situation when costs go up this much.”

BLS data for bakery products reflects worsening food inflation

Figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) appeared to back up the local bakery’s observation. It found that the inflation rate for bakery products in 2022 amounts to 9.86 percent. This was a far cry from the inflation for the years 2018 until 2021, which recorded rates of less than three percent. (Related: August food inflation jumped by 11.4%, but experts warn the worst is yet to come.)

“This is just for bakery products, not even all their other costs, which have also likely gone up,” wrote Arama. “But of course, you can apply this to practically any business. They’re all having to deal with this now because of Brandon.”

The Red State writer also mocked Brandon’s potential response to the local bakery’s posting.

“If you asked Brandon about this bakery, he would likely blame the bakery and say that they were trying to gouge the customers. He’d beg them to cut their prices while they’re barely keeping their heads above water.”

Wall Street Silver also mocked Brandon’s potential response to rising prices, most especially for rainbow sprinkles. They wrote: “Big Sprinkle is clearly a monopoly and needs [an immediate] Department of Justice investigation and lawsuit into breaking up this illegal cartel.”

An Oct. 9 article on Twitchy also tackled the bakery’s notice. It mentioned: “Perhaps Brandon needs to give a speech demanding that Big Flour refrain from price gouging?”

“The [Brandon] administration apologists are doing everything to deflect attention from the mess Brandon’s presiding over. The problem for Democrats is that you can’t lie about prices. People know when they’re paying more.” has more about the rising costs of ingredients for bread, cakes and many other common food items.

Watch Tucker Carlson of Fox News rant about inflation and the biggest economic collapse caused by Brandon.

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