Local Elections Signal Red Tsunami?

Most of the media is ignoring the results of the Mayoral election in Norman, Oklahoma on Tuesday because it spells bad news for Democrats in the fall. A white male Trump supporter ousted a woke Democrat white female, who had tried to defund the Norman police department:

After a single term as Norman’s mayor, Brea Clark was defeated in Tuesday’s runoff election, by a vote of 53.4% to 46.6%.

Norman mayor-elect Larry Heikkila

Norman’s new mayor will be Larry Heikkila, who is far to the right of the more progressive Clark, as he made clear in a campaign ad earlier this year.

“For far too long, the citizens of Norman have been victimized by the overreaching of the extremist council,” said Heikkila, who carried the backing of Norman’s Fraternal Order of Police and campaigned on increasing funding for the Norman Police Department.
Clark was the youngest woman to hold the mayor’s office when first elected in 2019. Her tenure saw an unsuccessful recall attempt and death threats over coronavirus restrictions and the city council’s decision to divert more than $865,000 from a proposed police department’s budget increase to pay for social services to help the city’s homeless, mentally ill and other vulnerable populations. Norman was the first city in the state to implement a mask mandate.

Norman, Oklahoma hosts the University of Oklahoma. In the 2020 election, Brandon supposedly won be a margin of 9 points over Donald Trump. This should be a wake up call for Democrats in Oklahoma at a minimum.

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