Image: Louisiana’s House of Representatives takes significant step to end medical tyranny in the state

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Louisiana’s House of Representatives on April 20 passed legislation that bans state and local governments from requiring proof of a Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine to enter public areas and private businesses or to receive goods and services.

The bill advanced to the state’s Senate following a vote of 64-31 in the House.

However, House Bill 990 doesn’t apply to any COVID-19 vaccination mandate required “in accordance with federal law or regulation.” (Related: German parliament REJECTS proposed COVID vaccine mandate after months of debate.)

According to State Rep. Thomas Pressly, a Republican who sponsored the bill, the measure doesn’t interfere with businesses’ own decisions should they require proof of vaccination.

State Rep. Beryl Amedee offered an amendment to the bill to remove a provision that reads: “Nothing in this Part shall be interpreted or construed to prohibit or otherwise impede the rights of a private business or other private entity wishing to implement any policy, procedure, or requirement regarding COVID-19 vaccinations.”

Amedee explained that keeping that section is “problematic” because it can result in “religious and medical discrimination in the private sector” and that removing the section “does not impact the overall intent of the bill.” Amedee’s amendment failed by a vote of 21-71.

While Amedee voted against the bill, she said she was supportive of the overall measure. Her amendment would have also inserted the words “valid and enforceable” in referring to federal laws, in Section B of the bill. Amedee added that the federal government delegated enforcement of the vaccine mandates to private businesses and that the mandates are currently being overturned.


In 2021, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards vetoed legislation regarding vaccine mandates. It remains to be seen if he would veto Pressly’s bill if it passes the state Legislature.

CDC skeptical of fourth COVID-19 shots

Amid the clap back against vaccine mandates, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has also expressed doubts about the fourth COVID-19 dose.

Members of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices voiced their unwillingness to endorse fourth coronavirus shots for the broader U.S. population until the agency develops a “clear strategy.” The independent panel of vaccine experts discussed the country’s vaccination strategy ahead of an anticipated increase in infections during the fall.

During a five-hour meeting on April 20, the panel agreed that repeatedly deploying boosters to prevent infection isn’t a realistic goal with the current generation of vaccines.

Dr. Sarah Long, a committee member, explained that public health agencies need to abandon the belief that vaccines can prevent coronavirus infections. The agencies should instead focus on educating the public that the main goal is to prevent severe illnesses, hospitalizations and deaths.

Medical tyranny remains in universities

The final weeks of the college school year have been disrupted again by COVID-19 as universities re-imposed mask mandates, switched to online classes and scaled back large gatherings due to skyrocketing cases of infections.

Colleges in Washington, D.C., New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Texas have brought back COVID-19 measures.

Meanwhile, Howard University has switched to remote learning because of a surge in cases in the nation’s capital and 2022 is the third straight academic year that has been stalled by the pandemic. Incoming seniors have yet to experience a normal college year.

Following spring break, mandates were ended as case numbers declined after a winter surge because of the omicron variant.

However, many Northeast cities have recorded an increase in cases and hospitalizations in recent weeks, particularly since the BA.2 subvariant of omicron continues to spread throughout America.

Coronavirus cases eased so much at Williams College, a private liberal arts school in Massachusetts, that professors were allowed to decide whether to require masks in their classes early in April. Several days later, cases rose and an indoor mask mandate was re-imposed, this time much stricter than what was enforced before.

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