Manhattan DA Office Purges Executive Staff Section From Website, We Have The Receipts | The Gateway Pundit

After multiple executive members of the Manhattan DA office were exposed for their political bias against President Trump, the Manhattan DA Office has completely purged their Executive Team page.

Last week the TGP exposed Manhattan DA Chief Assistant for liking tweets that called for Americans to “dump Trump” and “drive out everything Trump represents”.

This resulted in Reiss to delete her Twitter account.

Yesterday TGP’s Cullen Linebarger reported Manhattan DA Jordan Stockdale had a Twitter profile that was filled with liked tweets calling for Trump to be impeached.

After being exposed multiple times ,the Manhattan DA Office has had enough and completely scrubbed their page.


Before the Meet Our Team page was deleted it featured brief biographies of several executives members’.

The page started off by introducing Chief Assistant District Attorney Meg Reiss, who many believe is calling the shots inside of the Manhattan DA Office.

Last week The Gateway Pundit did a deep dive into Reiss’s Twitter account and it was discovered she liked several anti-Trump tweets.

Reiss liked tweets that read “Trump is a bad person” and “we need to send Donald Trump packing”.

After TGP exposed Reiss she locked her Twitter account and proceeded to delete it.


Another biography on the now deleted page featured Manhattan DA Chief of Staff Jordan Stockdale.

As The Gateway Pundit reported on Sunday, Stockdale liked several tweets which called for Trump to be impeached and to never take office again.

After his Trump hating bias was exposed, Stockdale quickly deleted his account just like Reiss.

The Chief of the Investigation Division Susan Hoffinger is no longer on the site either.

Hoffinger’s departure from the site comes after The Gateway Pundit looked into her previous campaign donations which revealed she donated to the Democrat PAC ActBlue and Brandon’s presidential campaign.

In 2022 Hoffinger was appointed by Alvin Bragg to over see the probe of the Trump Organizations after prosecutors, Mark Pomerantz and Carey Dunne resigned from their duties at the Manhattan DA’s Office.

It’s clear the Manhattan DA Office led by Alvin Bragg wants the American people to be in the dark about who all is running the show inside of the Manhattan DA Office.

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