McCarthy Gives Speech After Winning Speakership

Kevin McCarthy gave a speech last night after winning the Speakership. He said this GOP would be a check on Brandon’s policies. 

McCarthy shared late last night after taking over the speakership of the House.

“I want to give all Americans a personal invitation, you are welcome to see this body at work. No longer will the doors be closed but the debates will be open for you to witness what happens in the people’s House,” McCarthy said to applause. “From the committee rooms to this floor, we commit to pursue the truth passionately and embrace debate. No more one-sided inquiries. Competing ideas will be put to the test in public so that the best ideas win.”

“But we also pledged to bring Congress to the people,” McCarthy continued. “Because answers have not and will not always be found in Washington. That’s why one of our very first hearings will be held on the southern border. No more ignoring a crisis of safety and sovereignty. We must secure our border.”

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And then this:

“As speaker of the House, my ultimate responsibility is not to my party, my conference, or even our Congress,” McCarthy said. “My responsibility, our responsibility, is to our country.”

“No one gets promised anything.”

This statement is perhaps the most puzzling of his remarks.  This is absolutely why GOP representatives in the House would not vote for McCarthy.  McCarthy has a history of taking money from lobbyists and donors and cutting deals based on the money and not on the country.

Some have concerns that McCarthy is too gracious to China, for example.

So was McCarthy referring to his deals with conservative, America-first GOP members in the House who he did deals with to win their votes at the last minute in the 15th vote for the House?  Is he going to take back what he promised to win their votes for the Speakership?

We’ll have to see if McCarthy really believes that the House’s responsibility is to the country.  History tells us through McCarthy’s actions, this isn’t what he believes.

This is why even GOP voters didn’t support McCarthy for Speaker and a small but very important percent of GOP Reps refused to vote for him.

Rasmussen Reports Survey Results – Less Than Half of GOP Voters Want McCarthy as Speaker

Watch the video below.

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