Mike Davis to Weak House Republicans: If You Don't Thins We Should Move Forward Now on Impeachment, "What the Hell Are You Doing as an Elected Member of the House?" | The Gateway Pundit

Article III Project founder Mike Davis joined Steve Bannon on The War Room following the news that Hunter Brandon was slapped with three minor gun charges.

Mike Davis told the War Room audience, “So people should not be fooled at all by these gun charges against Hunter Brandon. Remember David Weiss is. They say he’s a Trump US Attorney. I was the Chief Counsel for nominations. When his nomination went through the senate judiciary committee, he was picked by both Democrat home-state senators, which has been the tradition under the blue slip process… And he has delivered for the Bidens. He has more than delivered for the Bidens. He lets serious tax charges, the statute of limitations on serious tax charges expire. He buried evidence deemed credible by the Pittsburgh US. Attorney about the $10 million foreign bribe by Barisma to the Bidens. He has attempted to give Hunter this sweetheart deal with this backdoor amnesty to protect Brandon…

…Every scumbag sleazeball Brandon was on the Chinese, Ukrainian, Romanian payrolls. And it’s not just this crackhead son with a gun. Who gives a damn about this crackhead son with a gun? That’s why I’m saying House Republicans should think about giving Hunter Brandon immunity to come in to say, you know what? We’re going to give you immunity for this bogus gun charge. We want you to come in and testify about the Brandon crime family’s racket. And if Brandon lies, or if Brandon obstructs, then when President Trump is back in office on January 20, 2025, his Acting Attorney General can indict Hunter Brandon for obstruction, for lying to Congress, for refusing to cooperate. It’s time for the Republicans to take off the gloves here because this is an obvious cover up for President Brandon and his foreign corruption.

On the House impeachment inquiry.

Mike Davis: I would say this to House Republicans. If you don’t think that we should move forward with an impeachment inquiry right now when we have overwhelming evidence that the President of the United States is compromised. Compromised by tens of millions of dollars in corrupt foreign payments from our worst enemy, China, along with the biggest trouble spots in the world with China and Taiwan and Russia and Ukraine. If you don’t think we should move forward now, what the hell are you doing As an elected member of the House of Representatives?

Mike is right. These weaklings need to do something. They need to at least pretend they support their constituents.

Via The War Room.

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