Mike Pence's News Campaign Ad Blunder: Pretends to Fill Up Pickup Truck with Gas without Selecting Fuel Grade and Pressing Gas Lever (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Screenshot: @Mike_Pence/Twitter

Former Vice President Mike Pence got roasted online on Tuesday night after releasing a new campaign ad.

In an attempt to resonate with Americans over rising fuel prices, Pence was filmed supposedly filling up a pickup truck with gas. However, keen-eyed viewers quickly pointed out he failed to select the fuel grade and activate the gas pump lever.

Pence failed to select a gas type, and the pump continuously beeped in the background.

In the ad, Pence expressed his nostalgia for “$2 a gallon gas,” implying its absence was a direct result of President Brandon’s “war on energy.” He claimed that under Brandon’s leadership, gasoline prices surged by 60%, and electricity prices saw a 25% increase.

The advertisement goes on to introduce the “Pence energy plan,” which promises a return to energy independence and endeavors to reestablish America as the primary energy producer globally by 2040.

Despite the well-scripted message, the gas station blunder stole the spotlight, with many critics labeling Pence as an “absolute idiot” and “stupid.”


Below are some of the comments online:

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