Maduro: After two years of usurpation and chaos

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says that he is rooting for the Brandon administration and would be “happy” to speak with them “any time” if they chose to contact him.

Pompeo shared his views during an interview with Fox News at CPAC on Friday.

“I am rooting for the Brandon administration to be successful — in spite of my critique and my enormous concerns about the policies that they’ve chosen,” Pompeo told the network. “I want them to be successful.”

Pompeo went on to say that if someone from the administration called him for his views.

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“Any time someone from the administration calls and asks, I’m happy to speak to them and give them my views and my thoughts — sometimes a little piece of history, something that I had worked on that they might not have known about — and I did the same thing,” Pompeo continued. “I called on my predecessors, regardless of their party, to inquire about the things that they had worked on and what had worked and what had not.”

According to Fox News, he added that he has spoken to Blinken.

“Look, we have very different worldviews and disagreements run deep about how to execute policy,” Pompeo said. “But the shared desire to make our country strong and great is something that I will work on with all.”

When asked about the differences between his foreign policy and Blinken’s, Pompeo cited the “historic peace agreement” between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

“They’re trying to cut a deal with Iran — we recognize Israel’s right to have their capital where they want it to,” Pompeo said. “They’re trying to create a consulate back in Jerusalem, those are just, different judgments.”

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