MILES of Cars Line Up to See President Trump in Waco, TX - THOUSANDS Wait in Line for Entry

Thousands of Patriots turned up early for President Trump’s first campaign rally in Waco, Texas, creating massive lines and miles of traffic.

Americans only want one thing right now: President Trump in 2024.

The Gateway Pundit recently reported on new polling of registered voters nationwide. President Trump dominates in the Primary, holding 31% over Ron DeSantis, and continues to beat Brandon in a General Election.

President Trump Continues to Beat Brandon in New General Election Poll, DESTROYS Ron DeSantis In Primary By 31%

At 8 am, OANN correspondent Daniel Baldwin shared a video of the massive lines in Waco and said, “this is shaping up to be huge.”

A Twitter user later shared a video of the cars lining up to gain entry to the rally, highlighting the “MILES of traffic and THOUSANDS of people on every entry point.”

From Jason Miller:

Today President Trump is firing up his campaign.

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