Mitch McConnell Is Trying to Push Biden's Pick for Supreme Court Justice Through the Senate Despite Horrible Leniency with Pedophiles

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell is trying to stop any challenges to Brandon’s Supreme Court Justice nominee who is a disaster.  What a nightmare McConnell has turned out to be.

Terry Schilling was on the War Room on Friday and he discussed the horrible record of Brandon’s pick for the nation’s top court.  Judge Katanji Brown Jackson has been lenient on child sex offenders.  In one instance she gave a convicted offender three months when the minimum recommended sentence was ten years.   Her time on the court is at a minimum, yet everyone knows she will be the most radical and anti-American justice in US history.

Senator Josh Hawley did some research and uncovered the radical judge’s horrible record.

“Toxic…Misinformation…Cherry-Picked”: White House Defends Radical Supreme Court Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson After Sen. Hawley Exposes Her Disgraceful Child Porn Rulings Record

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Schilling shared:

What’s happening now is starting to boil to the top.  And we’re hearing and I’ve got this from two different sources now that Republican leadership, including McConnell’s office, is putting pressure on the Republicans to not bring this stuff up.  They want to sail through this nomination and not have a fight.

Steve, these guys, the Democrats have been so evil towards our good nominees.  Look at what they did to Clarence Thomas.  Look at what they did to Brett Kavanaugh.

… We still don’t have her full sentencing record.

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